​​Classes coming to Somerville in May!! Stay Tuned!

​​​​Communication Head-Butting, Breakdowns and Blind-spots may be stopping you or your organization from greater success ---- 

IMPROV exercises that are custom-designed to target a specific issue, viscerally challenges 'stuck' thinking and generates immediate and unexpected insights and breakthroughs, leading to greater clarity and understanding, as well as increased momentum and productivity ----

​This organically developed Improv 4 Effective Business Communication™ Workshop will empower YOU, both personally and professionally, to:

  • Think more quickly on your feet
  • Listen more effectively
  • Enhance your Critical Thinking
  • Foster more Creative Decision-making
  • Adapt to change more easily and effectively
  • Collaborate to more productive outcomes
  • Find your authentic voice

 Who is this Workshop designed for?​​ 

Corporations, Job-seekers, Universities, Non-profits and more...

 Why is my Workshop different?​​ 


​You can't fix, what you have not yet identified​...
"I took Victor's workshop twice---different exercises, different insights each time--- fast moving, great energy--- the insight-sharing at the end is invaluable." 
                     - Ed Partenope, IT Executive


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​​​​Participants Get "IT" on their feet..... NOT in their seats!™
​​​"Good improvisers don’t learn to be funny, or quick-witted—that’s just a byproduct. What they really learn is how to navigate the unknown. They learn to build something tangible out of chaos, or out of nothing."                        ​​