Great job! I appreciate your efforts and had a wonderful experience.  My comments are below.

Really Liked:
  • Opportunity to step outside of the usual and do something different with a great group of people
  • The Creative process and engagement
  • I've been working on further developing my listening skills so several of the exercises helped me with this.
  • The open, respectful, and comfortable environment that was created by everyone

  • Helped me to see some of my strengths and talents-Like engaging people, thinking on my feet, being well spoken and articulate.  And it's ok to give up some control.

Pam Ramash, Marketing Executive & Entrepreneur

"-Personal Insight?: I love these exercises and the more exposure to these 'quick fire' drills not only helps in the job search but also everyday life. It undoubtedly builds confidence and PASSION... I feel so exhilarated coming out of your workshops!

-Effectiveness?: 10"

        - Richard Bednarz,
           Financial Services Executive

Hi Cathy,

Girl!, you missed a great class yesterday. Victor’s Improv Class was great.  I got so much out of it. It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It energized me and gave me a new attitude regarding my job search. 
Being unemployed sometimes we can get down and be hard on ourselves, for me this class lifted me up and increased my confidence.

I strongly suggest you take the class the next time Victor offers it, it is time well spent.

Cassandra Anthony, Marketing Consultant(from an email she sent to a colleague)

very insightful, informative and full of fun.     -Veronica H. Neville, Product Development Specialist


Check out Workshop Attendees blogging about their experience:

"Loved 'why you should hire me' exercise. Doing it quickly revealed where someone really was in their thinking - not over thought out.  It was very real.

Great energy created by this -- on your part and everyones.  It's amazing how quickly people get into this, I think because  you create a safe environment.  Thanks, appreciate your work on this!"

Arlene O'Reilly, Marketing Specialist

​​HI Victor,

I thought the 1 hour teaser class was great.  I'm sure you have many topics to cover.

You are great at this.

Nan J. Staudt,
Finance & Accounting Professional

VICTOR is an outstanding facilitator, very positive and knowledgeable leader and very funny.  He made the session

"Victor's Improv class has provided the BEST training that I've taken in ages -- and it's applicable to both business and personal life.  I laugh myself silly for 3 solid hours, while simultaneously gaining invaluable insights -- learning better listening skills, learning how to think more freely, and how to respond in the moment. These skills are essential for what I do as a creative services professional with my own business. But I can see such a wide range of businesses benefitting from this type of training -- whether in a sales, or some type of creative position -- from an ad agency to engineering functions, trouble shooting and customer service jobs, and even law firms, contract negotiators, managers dealing with employee issues -- and the list goes on. Of course, Victor's Improv class is also useful for individuals in their everyday life -- it's helped me to communicate better with friends and family, interview more effectively for a job ... I'd absolutely recommend his class to individuals, corporations, ad agencies, anyone!"

Suzy Kedzierski
Marketing Communications Ink (
Writer, Marketing and Communications Consultant
Blog: www.MarketingCommunicationsInk.com