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Each workshop is custom designed to its target audience and particular blind-spots.

Workshops can be of any size.

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 Why is my Workshop different?​​  

I bring a personal brand of passion, energy and innovation, coupled with a unique lens of focusing on simplicity and empathy for the user.

RESULT: 20+ years of successful results in developing novel solutions and effective training programs as an Electrical Engineer, Facilitator, Training & Development Specialist, Fundraising Motivator, Project Manager and Problem Solver.                  


Add an acumen for Improvisation and a keen intuition in getting to the heart of the matter --- whether it's related to:

  • business process
  • technical problem-solving
  • personal and professional development

RESULT:  This special workshop consists of simple yet deeply insight-producing Improv exercises. Nearly 100% of 200+ participants from every industry and all position levels have stated that they had a breakthrough in one or more areas where they had been previously STUCK.

A standard workshop begins with a review of some basic Improv rules, then the participants engage in warm-up exercises to get the brain working and then the launch of the custom-designed and trademarked presentations and scene-play.  A workshop concludes with a detailed evaluation of what was just experienced, individually and as a group.